yup thats right
Author Jecht 11:12 am on Jun-05-2016
 Permalink - Labels: 30k subscribers
Bit late but bit of an update?
Author Jecht 3:19 pm on Feb-15-2016
 Permalink - Labels: update news
little update
Author Jecht 3:29 pm on Aug-19-2015
 Permalink - Labels: another update
yup i\'m doing one!
Author Jecht 6:52 pm on Feb-21-2015
 Permalink - Labels: 10k subs
update of whats going on
Author Jecht 2:03 am on Dec-25-2014
 Permalink - Labels: update
Frame introduced in U15 that can make rifts.
Author Jecht 2:48 pm on Nov-09-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Limbo
archwing shotty of doom!
Author Jecht 1:04 pm on Nov-02-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Corvas
Throwable hammer that disarms enemys?
Author Jecht 12:46 pm on Nov-02-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Halikar
auto rifle or homing rifle?
Author Jecht 11:55 am on Oct-04-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Buzlok
Latron upgraded
Author Jecht 1:39 pm on Oct-02-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Tiberon
One lucky person will get the parts to build nyx prime!
Author Jecht 1:02 pm on Sep-30-2014
 Permalink - Labels: nyx prime giveaway
Golden Nyx with a huge head
Author Jecht 3:25 pm on Sep-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Nyx prime drop location
Huge battle axe with increased fire rate
Author Jecht 3:24 pm on Sep-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: scindo prime
thowing blades with insain fire rate!
Author Jecht 3:19 pm on Sep-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Hikou Prime
Blender whip of death!
Author Jecht 2:21 pm on Sep-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Atterax
Freeze ray for the tenno
Author Jecht 2:15 pm on Sep-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Glaxion
Microwave Pistol
Author Jecht 2:14 pm on Sep-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Nukor
News on whats been going on witht he blogs
Author Jecht 3:17 pm on Sep-22-2014
 Permalink - Labels: missing blog
Dual tonfas huh, nice!
Author Jecht 12:55 pm on Sep-02-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Kronen
Its a nice little dagger
Author Jecht 2:01 pm on Aug-15-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Karyst
its the flux, but doubled o_O
Author Jecht 3:13 pm on Aug-05-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Quanta
its a sword and shield, on fire
Author Jecht 4:06 pm on Jul-23-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Silva & Aegis Silva Aegis
Hidden message quest resulting in ..
Author Jecht 4:05 pm on Jul-23-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Mirage hidden message
like the twin vipers, but better
Author Jecht 2:07 pm on Jul-20-2014
 Permalink - Labels: AKZani
ninja claws
Author Jecht 12:43 pm on Jun-29-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Venka
yes, we made it in!
Author Jecht 2:09 pm on Jun-25-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Official Channel
its the pogo stick volly ball launcher lol
Author Jecht 10:39 am on Jun-24-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Mutalist Quanta
the wait for this was too long, but loki has earned his gold prime parts!
Author Jecht 8:19 pm on Jun-15-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Loki Pirme Tower 4 void T4 void
first prime pet, i mean sentinel, for now lol
Author Jecht 5:38 pm on Jun-14-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Wyrm Prime
its a bo, with balls on the end lol
Author Jecht 10:17 am on Jun-13-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Bo Prime
another secondary shotgun, only this time its fully auto
Author Jecht 3:23 pm on Jun-11-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Pyrana
Well its a machette so dont get your hopes up
Author Jecht 9:54 am on May-31-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Nami Solo
Electric polearm that aint a copy paste of the other one O_O
Author Jecht 1:44 pm on May-25-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Serro
has to be best burst rifle, zero kick or recoil!
Author Jecht 5:12 pm on May-18-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Sybaris
Corpus rocket pistol, niiiice
Author Jecht 4:28 pm on May-16-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Angstrum
its so close to the synapse its silly
Author Jecht 10:50 am on Apr-30-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Amprex
Attica Attica Attica!
Author Jecht 11:16 am on Apr-19-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Attica
The upgrade to the normal nikana!
Author Jecht 11:15 am on Apr-19-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Dragon Nikana
Puddle frame!
Author Jecht 11:15 am on Apr-19-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Hydroid
Lex sucked, AKlex, sucked .. lex prime, about damn time!
Author Jecht 11:14 am on Apr-19-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Lex Prime
hmm, katana for your warframe
Author Jecht 4:59 pm on Apr-14-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Nikana
Dual pirate swords
Author Jecht 4:57 pm on Apr-14-2014
 Permalink - Labels: nami skyla
Well the new layout went live a year ago as of today.
Author Jecht 6:16 pm on Apr-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: anniversary 1 year on
Well this was a disapointment for such a good looking sentinel (sighs)
Author Jecht 5:43 pm on Apr-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Helios Helios Sentinel Sentinel
But which is best?
Author Jecht 5:42 pm on Apr-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Dread vs paris prime
aha, prime stuff .. more prime, lets solve the problem of too much prime with prime stuff lmao
Author Jecht 5:41 pm on Apr-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Ankyros Prime
Free weapon for compleating the Tethras doom event.
Author Jecht 5:40 pm on Apr-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Gorgon Wraith
How could i have stopped with such a key weapon in play ..
Author Jecht 5:39 pm on Apr-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Boltor prime
Well ..
Author Jecht 5:05 pm on Mar-19-2014
 Permalink - Labels: delay in blogs
Dual bronco primes ftw
Author Jecht 4:02 pm on Mar-10-2014
 Permalink - Labels: AKbronco prime
Golden warrior time!
Author Jecht 4:02 pm on Mar-10-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Rhino Prime Golden Warrior
How long till its a dual?
Author Jecht 4:00 pm on Mar-10-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Marelok
its a throwing tesla really
Author Jecht 1:22 pm on Feb-24-2014
 Permalink - Labels: castanas
not a sniper rifle lol
Author Jecht 3:13 pm on Feb-22-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Grinlok
time to fly, warframe style!
Author Jecht 4:00 pm on Feb-15-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Zephyr
is it a rocket? is it a hammer? who knows?
Author Jecht 7:46 pm on Feb-14-2014
 Permalink - Labels: JAT KITTAG
2 cestras are better than 1?
Author Jecht 12:53 pm on Feb-13-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Cestra
hmmmmm, twin viper replacement?
Author Jecht 4:04 pm on Feb-10-2014
 Permalink - Labels: AKSTILETTO
its not a rifle, its a shotgun o_O
Author Jecht 4:03 pm on Feb-10-2014
 Permalink - Labels: PHAGE
such a pain to get
Author Jecht 4:12 pm on Feb-04-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Burston Prime
harvister, ha, detron all the way :P
Author Jecht 1:40 am on Feb-02-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Detron
hmmm, insta-nerfed ..
Author Jecht 4:36 pm on Jan-31-2014
 Permalink - Labels: AKMagnus
new rifle, quad clipped rifle
Author Jecht 3:31 pm on Jan-24-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Tetra
poison dart shooting pistol anyone?
Author Jecht 4:36 pm on Jan-17-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Tysis
time to cover the first weapon we ever built
Author Jecht 1:22 pm on Jan-13-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Zoren
Flakk cannon at last!
Author Jecht 3:40 pm on Jan-10-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Drakgoon
mmm love my vipers, but how are these?
Author Jecht 11:22 am on Jan-07-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Wraith Twin Vipers
Time to whip this thing into shape lol
Author Jecht 5:39 pm on Jan-03-2014
 Permalink - Labels: Scoliac
Lets re-build the gram!
Author Jecht 12:56 pm on Jan-02-2014
 Permalink - Labels: GRAM
shame tbh, would be so much better as a dual weapon
Author Jecht 10:37 am on Dec-30-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ceramic Dagger
FINALY, took us so long to get this researched lol
Author Jecht 10:24 am on Dec-28-2013
 Permalink - Labels: SYNAPSE
Time for an alert weapon
Author Jecht 8:28 pm on Dec-26-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dark Dagger
Time for a warframe build
Author Jecht 12:21 pm on Dec-25-2013
 Permalink - Labels: OBERON
4 weeks later than i wanted but here\\\'s a glaive prime!
Author Jecht 1:21 pm on Dec-24-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Glaive Prime
Lets build the snowball/goo gun lol
Author Jecht 10:55 am on Dec-23-2013
 Permalink - Labels: STUG
Time for another melee weapon? this ones good i promis?
Author Jecht 3:30 pm on Dec-21-2013
 Permalink - Labels: MAGISTAR
First of the new weapons from update 11.5
Author Jecht 7:50 pm on Dec-20-2013
 Permalink - Labels: KARAK
Well its about time we tried this huh
Author Jecht 3:05 pm on Dec-17-2013
 Permalink - Labels: CRONUS
Another alert only weapon
Author Jecht 10:52 pm on Dec-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: HEAT SWORD
hmm, ppl thought i was mad, talking about the new launcher all week ..
Author Jecht 2:42 pm on Dec-14-2013
 Permalink - Labels: PENTA
3 weeks but finaly, first of the prime weapons from update 11 :/
Author Jecht 12:06 pm on Dec-13-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Sicarus Prime
Time for a track backwards while i farm some primes
Author Jecht 3:25 pm on Dec-10-2013
 Permalink - Labels: BO
hmm, these are getting back on track now finaly!
Author Jecht 3:19 pm on Dec-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: MAGNUS
hmm, these should be bad :(
Author Jecht 12:17 pm on Dec-06-2013
 Permalink - Labels: DUAL KAMAS
single lex sucked, but the aklex .. hmmm
Author Jecht 2:07 pm on Dec-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: AKLex
CERNOS ,, its a tenno bow o_O
Author Jecht 4:55 pm on Nov-30-2013
 Permalink - Labels: CERNOS
its the supra .. but a pistol
Author Jecht 5:21 pm on Nov-29-2013
 Permalink - Labels: CESTRA
another warframe, so soon?
Author Jecht 5:45 pm on Nov-28-2013
 Permalink - Labels: VALKYR
Tigris is a shotgun btw.
Author Jecht 12:43 pm on Nov-27-2013
 Permalink - Labels: TIGRIS
Time for #100 and .. ember prime!
Author Jecht 2:30 pm on Nov-25-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ember Prime
Time for the first whip, lets hope ... (sighs)
Author Jecht 4:10 pm on Nov-23-2013
 Permalink - Labels: LECTA
another alert weapon, plasma time!
Author Jecht 3:07 pm on Nov-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: plasma sword
update 11, oh yeah
Author Jecht 2:29 am on Nov-21-2013
 Permalink - Labels: update 11
time for a dagger, a heat dagger
Author Jecht 4:18 pm on Nov-19-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Heat Dagger
Time for another alert only weapon
Author Jecht 2:37 pm on Nov-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: PANGOLIN
Time for another single enemy hitting weapon (sighs)
Author Jecht 2:31 pm on Nov-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: ETHER SWORD
We missed one o_O
Author Jecht 11:02 pm on Nov-15-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Excalibur
Time for it to happen, single FURIS coming up!
Author Jecht 3:34 pm on Nov-13-2013
 Permalink - Labels: FURIS
time for another alert weapon
Author Jecht 3:40 pm on Nov-11-2013
 Permalink - Labels: JAW SWORD
did the machete, now its time for these
Author Jecht 11:02 am on Nov-09-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Cleavers
Time for another one we should of done by now
Author Jecht 12:19 pm on Nov-08-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Bolto
more hand to hand combat!
Author Jecht 2:50 pm on Nov-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: OBEX
what the normal machete should always of been!
Author Jecht 11:39 am on Nov-04-2013
 Permalink - Labels: MACHETE WRAITH
taking its time, but here she is, DJINN
Author Jecht 3:50 pm on Nov-02-2013
 Permalink - Labels: DJINN Sentinel
Brakk is a shotgun pistol awarded to those who did 100 missions in the Gradivus Dilemma event.
Author Jecht 2:05 pm on Nov-01-2013
 Permalink - Labels: BRAKK Gradivus Dilemma
new sniper rifle
Author Jecht 12:39 am on Nov-01-2013
 Permalink - Labels: VECTIS
time for a pistol
Author Jecht 10:11 am on Oct-31-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Bronco
melee weapons, oh so many of them
Author Jecht 12:56 pm on Oct-28-2013
 Permalink - Labels: ANKYROS
Viper time!
Author Jecht 12:28 pm on Oct-27-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Viper
Choose a side, and stick with it?
Author Jecht 12:43 pm on Oct-24-2013
 Permalink - Labels: update 10.5 Gradivus Dilemma
yes, our first ever give away!
Author Jecht 11:47 am on Oct-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: 2000 subs special saints row 4 giveaway
no no, this is indeed the one, the only SNIPETRON!
Author Jecht 11:42 am on Oct-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Snipetron
Time for another melee weapon, seems alot ..
Author Jecht 10:41 am on Oct-19-2013
 Permalink - Labels: FURAX
the crossbow, aka Ballistica
Author Jecht 2:07 am on Oct-17-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ballistica
So much weird fun!
Author Jecht 6:29 pm on Oct-15-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Skana
3 days till its retirment, lets build them!
Author Jecht 5:55 pm on Oct-13-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ether Daggers
new pistol, new fun?
Author Jecht 10:17 am on Oct-12-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Embolist
over looked this weapon for too long
Author Jecht 10:06 am on Oct-12-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Heat Swords
time for the latron
Author Jecht 12:22 pm on Oct-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Latron
Dakka pri.. wait they changed the name, its dakra prime now lol
Author Jecht 11:37 am on Oct-05-2013
 Permalink - Labels: The Dakra Prime
back to the labs we go, sigh.
Author Jecht 6:49 pm on Oct-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: DUAL ICHOR
Time for a shotgun.
Author Jecht 11:44 pm on Oct-01-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Boar
Boar prime is not a good weapon
Author Jecht 9:39 pm on Sep-29-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Boar Prime
galatine, weird name ..
Author Jecht 12:42 pm on Sep-28-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Galatine
mag prime, MAG PRIME .. ARRR, mag prime!
Author Jecht 8:04 pm on Sep-27-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Mag Prime
Time for one of the alert weapons.
Author Jecht 10:20 pm on Sep-25-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dark sword
time for ANOTHER melee weapon
Author Jecht 4:34 pm on Sep-23-2013
 Permalink - Labels: KAMA
another new warframe, woo
Author Jecht 10:54 am on Sep-21-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Nekros
While we wait on nekros, lets build the ether reaper
Author Jecht 10:32 am on Sep-20-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ether Reaper
lets make us a new rifle, its soma time!
Author Jecht 11:54 pm on Sep-18-2013
 Permalink - Labels: soma
new stuff, yey
Author Jecht 11:37 am on Sep-18-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Carrier Sentinel
last of the .. wait, there\'s new dojo weapons?
Author Jecht 1:40 pm on Sep-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Lanka
Time for update 10, finaly
Author Jecht 1:31 pm on Sep-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Update 10
time for some melee
Author Jecht 1:28 pm on Sep-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: machete
Its finaly time for a lazer rifle .. or is it?
Author Jecht 10:46 pm on Sep-11-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Flux Rifle
update 7 brought a massive change, update 9.8 brings another
Author Jecht 10:44 pm on Sep-11-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Update 9.8 mod system changes
time for the second pistol from the labs
Author Jecht 10:42 pm on Sep-11-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Spectra
hmm, free shotgun for doing the survival weekend
Author Jecht 2:44 pm on Sep-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Strun Wraith
getting thru these weapons!
Author Jecht 2:38 pm on Sep-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Spectra
time for a toyota, what you mean this aint a car? lol
Author Jecht 11:21 am on Sep-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: supra
dual revolvers anyone?
Author Jecht 11:20 am on Sep-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Vastos
double weapons this time?
Author Jecht 11:13 am on Sep-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: prova dera
FINALY time for the acrid!
Author Jecht 11:05 am on Sep-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Acrid
Time for an older weapon
Author Jecht 11:01 am on Sep-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Burston
Time for the bio lab
Author Jecht 4:54 pm on Aug-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Torid
FINALY some spinning saw blade!
Author Jecht 4:51 pm on Aug-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Miter
Time for the last weapon currently avalable in the chem lab!
Author Jecht 1:19 pm on Aug-20-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ogris
time for an Amphis
Author Jecht 11:33 pm on Aug-18-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Amphis
new weapon had a BP .. YEY!!
Author Jecht 11:31 pm on Aug-18-2013
 Permalink - Labels: HIND
Chem lab#1 ignis time!
Author Jecht 10:39 pm on Aug-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Ignis Chem lab #1
Time for some new pistols
Author Jecht 12:45 pm on Aug-15-2013
 Permalink - Labels: twin gremlins
Last of the current prime weapons!?
Author Jecht 2:44 pm on Aug-10-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Orthos prime
Time for the paris prime
Author Jecht 8:23 pm on Aug-05-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Paris Prime
Time for a new braton, FINALY!!!!!
Author Jecht 4:13 pm on Aug-02-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Braton Prime
almost there, time for the fangs!
Author Jecht 12:41 pm on Jul-30-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Fang Prime
Time for a new pistol me think
Author Jecht 10:42 am on Jul-29-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Kraken
FINALY, one of the new primes, WAY later than hoped.
Author Jecht 10:12 am on Jul-28-2013
 Permalink - Labels: bronco prime
time for the new weapon, 12hr\'s after its release hehe
Author Jecht 10:07 am on Jul-28-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Vasto
NOT the fang prime!
Author Jecht 10:49 am on Jul-26-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Fang
Timne for the seer
Author Jecht 1:36 pm on Jul-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Seer
lets make the last warframe we need to have them all!
Author Jecht 5:05 pm on Jul-19-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Nova
lets get the new shotty made
Author Jecht 2:23 pm on Jul-16-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Sobek
Time for loki to join us
Author Jecht 3:57 pm on Jul-15-2013
 Permalink - Labels: LOKI
Cube world first play, part 2
Author Jecht 1:03 pm on Jul-14-2013
 Permalink - Labels: cube world part 2
update 9 brought only 2 new weapons we can craft so here\'s the first.
Author Jecht 12:59 pm on Jul-14-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Hikou
update 9 came out an hour, maybe 2 now, ago so lets look
Author Jecht 4:22 am on Jul-13-2013
 Permalink - Labels: update 9
lets make our second last warframe from whats out at the mo.
Author Jecht 1:06 pm on Jul-12-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Volt
FINALLY have it woo
Author Jecht 6:58 pm on Jul-11-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Cube world
WE DID IT! so here it is, the snipetron vandal!
Author Jecht 12:38 pm on Jul-09-2013
 Permalink - Labels: SNIPETRON VANDAL
Well its embers turn t o join the pack!!
Author Jecht 10:15 am on Jul-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Building Ember
another weekend event, this time FOR a weapon!
Author Jecht 12:08 pm on Jul-06-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Spy Drone event
new galexy layout + some warframe buffing!
Author Jecht 1:03 am on Jul-05-2013
 Permalink - Labels: hotfix 8.3
Time for another weapon build, fragor anyone?
Author Jecht 10:12 am on Jul-03-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Fragor
Kogake, KOGAKE!!
Author Jecht 11:31 am on Jun-29-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Kogake
Time for us to build the Rhino
Author Jecht 11:34 am on Jun-27-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Rhino
Time to build us a trinity!
Author Jecht 12:23 pm on Jun-23-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Trinity warframe
Final part of this 3 part puzzle
Author Jecht 10:01 pm on Jun-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: 3rd rare artifact
Second Rare Artifact Defence Event!
Author Jecht 9:34 am on Jun-22-2013
 Permalink - Labels: second rare artifact defence
alert mission based weekend event
Author Jecht 8:57 pm on Jun-21-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Rare artifact defence
well whoopsy by me
Author Jecht 1:08 am on Jun-20-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Missing videos
took way longer to do this than planned
Author Jecht 11:25 am on Jun-17-2013
 Permalink - Labels: stalker weapons
sneeked into my last video, so here is its own!
Author Jecht 12:07 pm on Jun-15-2013
 Permalink - Labels: latron prime
Its finaly time to make the reaper prime WOO
Author Jecht 12:43 pm on Jun-14-2013
 Permalink - Labels: reaper prime
its time to get the last of the new weapons from fridays update done!
Author Jecht 12:44 pm on Jun-13-2013
 Permalink - Labels: orthos
took me too long to get this imo.
Author Jecht 12:29 pm on Jun-12-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Frost prime
time to explore .. whats this?
Author Jecht 10:42 pm on Jun-11-2013
 Permalink - Labels: man the cannon?
fridays update had 2 new weapons, this is the first!
Author Jecht 12:24 pm on Jun-10-2013
 Permalink - Labels: kestrel
yes its old, but theres a reason
Author Jecht 11:03 am on Jun-08-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Frost
lets make NYX woo!!
Author Jecht 10:47 am on Jun-08-2013
 Permalink - Labels: NYX
this is how i personally chose to set up my frost warframe
Author Jecht 7:20 pm on Jun-04-2013
 Permalink - Labels: frost setup 200 subs
Well how to make the KUNAI anyone?
Author Jecht 10:50 am on Jun-02-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Kunai
long time but, lets build something i\'ve wated for months!
Author Jecht 7:30 pm on Jun-01-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Dual Broncos
lets finaly make vauban!!
Author Jecht 4:14 pm on May-31-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Making Vauban
Quick summery of the latest livestream
Author Jecht 10:05 pm on May-29-2013
 Permalink - Labels: warframe livestream #6
FINALY get a void key so in we go!!!
Author Jecht 1:04 pm on May-27-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Void key
WOO, new sentinal to play with!!
Author Jecht 4:23 pm on May-26-2013
 Permalink - Labels: dethcube sentinel
So, lets build this old new weapon?
Author Jecht 4:14 pm on May-26-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Grakata
one of the new wepons, the VULKAR
Author Jecht 9:49 pm on May-24-2013
 Permalink - Labels: VULKAR
finaly its out, update 8!!
Author Jecht 9:44 pm on May-24-2013
 Permalink - Labels: update 8 released
so update 8's been delayed, but here's vauban instead
Author Jecht 9:44 pm on May-24-2013
 Permalink - Labels: vauban released
longest and hardest to find parts for a warframe!!
Author Jecht 10:31 am on May-17-2013
 Permalink - Labels: banshee banshee helmet
random gameplay taken when we went on a hunt for the glaive
Author Jecht 10:16 am on May-17-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Glaive run
Lets build saryn
Author Jecht 10:09 am on May-17-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Saryn warframe
Me a nd jahdoh take on Phorid, the boss battle of eris
Author Jecht 12:27 pm on May-10-2013
 Permalink - Labels: Phorid boss battle
Quick summery of what was talked about in livestream #5
Author Jecht 9:55 pm on May-08-2013
 Permalink - Labels: warframe live stream #5
What we got for compleating the weekend event
Author Jecht 8:20 pm on May-07-2013
 Permalink - Labels: weekend event reward
Warframe update 7.10 Weekend Event, reward at the end? mmmmmmmmm
Author Jecht 12:08 pm on May-04-2013
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got the blueprint for the glaive finaly, time to build it!
Author Jecht 5:18 pm on May-02-2013
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how to make the mag warframe
Author Jecht 1:12 pm on Apr-28-2013
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warframe update
Author Jecht 1:41 am on Apr-27-2013
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links to my twitter and facebook, i guess.
Author Jecht 12:45 pm on Apr-08-2013
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Quick little hello to everyone
Author Jecht 12:34 pm on Apr-08-2013
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