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OK so here's saryn, one of the 2 newest warframes added in update 7.

she is a tank, with 100 armor, she has the reverse of frost when it comes to health and sheilds though, where frost has 300 health and 450 shield, she has 450 health and 300 shield once at level 30.

her abilities are ok but best 2 are Molt, which will leave behind a skin version of herself that attracts enemies.

and Miasma .. her "uber" abilities that will MELT anyone around her.

all in all with only 100 armor over frost or rino's 150 you would think she was weak, but that extra health she has makes her better for infested missions where the green ancient guys poison you and deal health damage thru your shields as she has WAY more health with a health mod fitted.

we're already building banshee too, to finish off the update 7 warframes before update 8 hopefully.
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