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   New Warframe: “Valkyr” Female Berserker Class, Cosmetic Bastet Helmet & Cosmetic Restraints!
   New Weapons:
       â€œTigris” Tenno Double-Barrel Shotgun (Primary)
       â€œCestra” Corpus Mini-gun (Secondary)
       â€œLecta” Corpus Whip (Melee)
   New Prime Gear: Ember, Glaive, and Sicarus! Find it all in the Void Today or through Prime Access
   New Damage Model 2.0! More information here: https://forums.warfr...n-on-damage-20/
   New Customizations: Warframe Skins for the first 8 Warframes!
   New Decorations for the Dojo (Including a Trading Kiosk!)
   New Tile Set: Corpus Gas City
   New Enemies: 3 Corpus enemy types to seek and destroy!
   New Boss: Sargus Ruk (Grineer)
   New Boss: Alad V & Zanuka (Corpus)
   New System: Trading 1.0! Build the Trading Kiosk in your Dojo to begin! https://forums.warfr...ading-guidefaq/
   New System: Codex and Scanner (Scan enemies to unlock entries & details in the Codex)
   New Mods for Slash (Health) Damage, Toxic (Poison) Damage, Impact (Shield) Damage, and Status (Proc Chance) Effects!
   New Resource Drone: collects crafting materials from planetary systems!
   Host Election: the player with the best combination of PC performance & networking conditions now automatically become host when launching a public mission
   Full on-screen map: Press M during gameplay to view the overall level map as you uncover it through exploration!
   Added option to opt-in to Nightmare nodes
   Added hotkey support for Gear items
   New faction-based Sniper scope overlays for zoom weapons.
   Added \"click a planet\" hint when sitting at default state of the star chart

   Added new icon for Boss nodes on the star chart
   Players can now copy other players\' mission votes by clicking on the squad info panel.
   Additional features to in-game voice communications. Microphone and output device can now be selected. Improvements to range on weak microphones has also been added.
   Added in-game Achievements
   Update 11 Launch Event: The Hunt for Alad V! https://forums.warfr...r-alad-v-is-on/


   Sprint is no longer needed to initiate a Wall-Run
   The contact-list network protocol has been completely rewritten to work-around Strict NAT and network problems caused by having a large number of contacts (the new system still being tuned, please be patient)
   Enabled Multi-Threaded Rendering by default (can be disabled in launcher if needed).
   Capture targets are now more dynamic and mobile: there are a range of tougher Corpus and Grineer targets with varying abilities and weapons will flee at the first sign of danger. Stop them from boarding a shuttle and escaping!
   J3 Golem will be moving from his home on Themisto and our spys indicate that he may strike at any time. Look for Infested invasions on your in-game alert display; we have reason to believe that if there is an invasion where a boss would normally be found you are likely to find the J3Golem there instead (we also suspect him to be carrying Volt Warframe component blueprints!)
   Redesigned and merged the Contacts and Chat UI (look for them on the right-hand side of your screen)
   Star Chart progress, Sentinel and Sentinel-Weapon rank now contribute to Mastery level. Note: Complete a mission with your leveled up Sentinels ans Sentinel-Weapons to receive this Master XP retroactively
   Improved top-bar navigation to include the Codex and Inbox
   Sentinels now come with a default amount of armor
   Removed co-op doors from survival missions
   Time between Defense waves has been reduced to 6 seconds
   The Inbox now updates with unread message count
   Inbox message icons will now refresh properly when deleting messages
   Rewards delivered to inbox are received automatically upon reading message – new text added to make this clear
   Updated Dojo room art for the following rooms (visual update will be automatic, no rebuild necessary):
       Barracks (Moon, Mountain, Storm, Shadow)
       Research Labs (Bio, Energy, Chem)
   Added Auto-target locking for gamepad melee. Melee Assist Option is a toggle.
   Star Chart: added effects & colorization to further distinguish available nodes from completed/locked nodes, and highlight boss nodes.
   Stun Chance mods (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Melee) are now Status Effect mods in accordance with new damage system
   2D and 3D weapons duck ambience by 2 dB less and duck music by 1 dB less. 2D weapons duck 3D weapons by 2dB less
   Improved sound-ducking mixes
   Changed Europa planet description so that it wasn\'t the same as Eris
   Added UI elements to better indicate player extraction status (players waiting, # of players, etc)
   Added new icons for Sentinel weapons
   Switched the Prova to use Machete animations and finishers
   New space skybox added to the Grineer Galleon tile set
   Improved the sound for the Heavy Impact mod
   Audio improvements to some stealth finishers
   Rebalanced some mod types for Conclave battles (Stun mods, Crit mods, and Corrupted mods)
   Tuned conclave values for Brakk, Machete Wraith, and Obex
   Added sound for Galleon air lifts in Conclave map
   Stalker has been improving his melee combo techniques
   NPCs will no longer target Rescue agents


   Fixed multiple localized text strings across all languages
   Experimental camera fixes – camera does not collide with enemies or players to avoid annoying jitter.
   Fixed issue where only host could invite players into a Dojo
   Fixed more instances of enemy AI spawning or falling into unreachable areas in Exterminate missions
   Fixed falling out of level in Mastery Challenge 7 costing a revive
   Fixed some navigation/design issues in new level connectors
   Fixed some issues related to Nyx’s Mind Control ability where brainwashed AI didn’t always attack enemies as intended
   Fixed various teleport issues that would result in “out of world” experiences
   Fixed some missing materials identified in Corpus ship levels
   Fixed a case where you are unable to melee/block sometimes after being knocked down during melee swings
   Fixed a case where the player would stay in the melee charge anim sometimes if knocked down during melee attack
   Fixed HUD error when using VOIP in dojo
   Fixed missing respawn volume in Dojo obstacle course
   Fixed some reported issues of flickering textures
   Fixed missing jump actions required by enemies in certain levels
   Fixed Jackal robot missile seeking offset
   Fixed Security Camera sounds not playing for clients
   Fixed names of Gradivus Dilemma trophies
   Fixed in-game chat overlay not hiding when hitting ESC/clicking away before auto-hide occurs
   Fixed host\'s loadout score used by quickmatch not updating realtime when equipping different equipment in arsenal
   Fixed Grineer Scorpion to have proper in-game description
   Fixed issue with Kestrel and Glaive animations for holstering
   Fixed unlocalized text string when trying to buy a slot with insufficient platinum
   Fixed all reported/known issues of players falling through elevators
   Fixed ledge-mantling mid wall-jump causing you to keep your push velocity
   Fixed Rhino’s Iron Skin ability that granted invulnerability during oxygen loss
   Fixed weapon attachments to now play the fire animation according to their respective fire rate (with any upgrade mods)
   Fixed broken weapon recoil behaviour; it now works as intended
   Fixed Roller idle animation jittering
   Fixed “power in use” issue after using Banshee’s Sonic Boom ability
   Fixed Acrid weapon not doing damage over time
   Fixed Saryn’s Miasma ability to apply damage over time
   Fixed issue where Ciphers were being consumed twice on a single hack
   Fixed Nekros Soul Punch ability to ragdoll target NPCs
   Fixed Trinity’s Energy Vampire in Conclave which caused enemies on the opposite team to regenerate energy as well
   Fixed issue that allowed spectators to fire the Ignis and Flux rifle while spectating in Conclave
   Fixed enemies not getting auto-killed if they ragdoll in the middle of a death animation
   Fixed multiple issues with Infested enemy types related to map navigation
   Fixed high level enemies spawning in low-level defense missions
   Fixed Private session countdown not starting after friend joins/selects mission
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