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Well was SO happy this was not a lab weapon when update 11 came out, the corpus whip was a surprise but the infested ship is still missing.

Honestly i dont know why ppl are hating on this weapons animation for, its not that bad and they changed it afew times.

its not doing enough damage to make it a good weapon and its \"hit or miss\" element effect not working half the time is abit frustrating but its still fun, most melee weapons now suck anyway with the new damage 2.0 ruining everything.

The fact this is less effective against all enemy types other than corpus is not just weird, its down right silly. why would a faction of enemys make a weapon thats good .. against themselves :wall:

It does get better, i have used this and kill lvl 45 enemys in the void (about 5mins ago actually) so it can do alot of damage but it seems to be a pain of a weapon to aim correctly to do that damage, despite me getting owned by it in the update 11 video we did where G kills me with an unranked one blank face
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