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Well here she is, Ember Prime, the first prime ANYTHING i\'ve farmed and actually gotten quickly without spending weeks farming and getting more and more annoyed as it wont drop.

What we did was we started with her harder to get parts, so start in tower 3 using the keys i have and trying to get in on games in the recruiting channel of chat also.

it worked, we got her systems and the normal BP from tower 3 capture.


Just to make sure ppl can see that :whistle:

i got them like this:
T3 - systems and main BP
T2 - chassis
T1 - helmet

The helmet i thought would of been the T3 as its the best part but they kept with the good old system of systems on T3 which means shes probly the easiest prime warframe to get and possibly the best too.

the fire on her helmet DOES move.

and no, she only has 2 polirity slots ouside the 4 every warframe has, so there is less special about the prime stuff this time than any other time.

there is enough prime stuff in the void now to keep people happy for along long time and its becoming harder and harder to do these as its harder to farm for just one prime thing at a time anymore because there is so many prime weapons/warframes now.

If it was not for her helmet i dont think anyone would want to farm for her over the normal one apart from to say \"i have her\"but with the helmet she does look way to nice to pass up!
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