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WOW, what a pain it was to find the helmet part for this warframe!!

all i could find about where to find ANY of these blueprints for the helmet/chassis/systems was said "Random bonus reward from Defense, Raid, Capture and Spy missions."

had FOUR of the chassis and the system, that's four of EACH of them, did every mission and could not find the helmet, was giving up hope on building this one tbh.

and if your looking for where i got the helmet, i tell you int he video.

saryn was my last warframe made, was actually building banshee before saryn had finished being made.

this was meant to be up about 3 days ago now but having PC issues so had to sort them to edit it, then had file issues and had to recover them, then it took 3hr's and 2 BSOD to edit it.

so Banshee .. she's haunted!!!!!!!!!

might sound silly but since i set her off to build I've had 4gb of memory die, my install of windows corrupt for no reason 3 times and still not fixed my BSOD issues as can not find the underline cause .. yet :wall:

So banshee, yeah :whistle:

She is one of the weakest warframes when it comes to armor coming in at 10, but like trinity, ember and nyx (the 4 warframes with 10 armor) she also has an over powered area attack, Sound Quake.

we'll get to that, her other abilities are good too, she has "sound wave" that will push ppl away from her meaning she's good on infested missions as she can push her way out of trouble when cornered.

her "silence" abilities needs tweaked imo, I've tried it now many times and it just don't seem to do anything.

The "sonar" ability will show the weak area of an enemy and make it glow for a short time, meaning  ppl can see where to aim to get them crit hits.

But Sound wave .. she crouches and basically pulses out waves from the floor that do damage with each wave to any enemy within range, though the range is lower than most uber attacks for other warframes.
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