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coming in with the same fire rate but half the base damage, these should suck.

but the charge is better so makes up for it alot!

the impact damage is 2, the puncture is 4 and the slash is 34, so sounds bad right?

single KAMA has impact damage of 6, puncture of 6 but slash is only 28.. so yeah, one is better than 2 slightly right?


OMG, so very very wrong!!

this has to be one of the most fun melee weapons i\'ve used in ages, the 1.3 fire rate is a shame as the single one is also 1.3 which means this should of been alittle faster but once you get them past lvl 10 and installed a max pressure point mod these things kill ALOT!

there is other mods you can find and fit, that will increase the slash damage, impact damage or even installing the old armour piercicing mod will not increase puncture, but that means aiming to that damage type and sticking to it.

i suggest slash damage and throw fire+toxic damages on there, they create corrosive and these things become lots of crazy fun!

as an example, i\'ve ditched my dakra prime for these, polarized them already and am concidering doing it again!

in pvp, 2 rhino\'s in iron skin, i managed to use these and take out the other rhino in the time it took them to charge the galatine.

now in pvp is someone hits you with a charged galatine, your instantly killed. has a longer charge rate but there is NO way i should of won but i did it twice and the dakra could not do this so i am loving these weapons, for now :toke:
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