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This is the last of the current bio lab rifles, i heard its the best rifle in the game but its not, for the simple reason of the range is poor, just like the flux rifle is.

for what this costs to build and how long it takes to research (1800ish mutagen samples for us just to research it in the lab).

but then you start to use it, it starts off as a meh weapon where you have issues killing but then you get serration into it, bit of electric damage and .. hmm, its doing nice damage but its still not worth calling the best rifle.

then you notice the crit chance, throw in the crit chance and crit damage mods and hmm, 4.4x125% crit chance :yay:

mine is currently 1200ish electric damage with that 4.4x124% crit chance and its doing crazy damage numbers, but it still suffers that one big down side, low range. :wall:

So even though this has to be the best electric damage weapon in the game, it still sucks for the one reason of, you have to chase down your enemys and fight close range with them.

a mod that adds maybe 20% more range when maxed would go well in this but that does not exist so we\'re stuck, might polarize this at a later date but for now i got mine to 30 and i think i\'m done with it. Which sucks as this weapon needs 2x V polarity for serration and split chamber, they do go well in this rifle but maxed there 29 points so this does need polarity slots and a catalyst.
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