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Well to start with you have to goto the derelict ships and guather enough mutagen samples to research this inside the dojo bio lab, shame tbh as the derelict sucks so much.

keeping in mind you have to also build 4 mutagen mass which need 10 mutagen samples for each one so keep ahold of 40 mutagen samples to build these.

once all is done and its researched in the bio lab and you have built your 4 mutagen mass, you can then get the bp and build this.

it dont need alot either, its low on the forma too!

Now since this is the second whip we can only compair it to the corpus whip which sucked, compaired to that this thing is AWESOME!!

it really is, it has similar specs to the dakra prime and even has a huge radius around it too so this weapon is really nice and powerfull too.

taking into account the cost of it, this has to be the first high resource priced weapon that did not have a huge down side to it that makes you regret building it like some others do.

this would go well with a charge build as its charge attack is abit slow but with them in and the slash damage mod installed this thing will become a really powerfull and really usefull weapon for day to day use!
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