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being another lab weapon, once you suffer thru the 3 days of waiting for the research to be done you WONT be disapointed.

its well known that i love my vipers, in the dojo pvp, no one can beat me when i use my vipers so when the wraith twin vipers came out i did in fact jump on them and got them setup the better than my normal vipers as quick as possible and now whoop everything that moves with ease!

ALOT of ppl compair these to the vipers, there wrong, kinda.

the fire rate of the vipers is what makes them great, but also there BIGGEST weakness falling into the spray and pray area of wasting ammo.

these do more damage than the wraith twin vipers but have the smaller clip size of the normal vipers so sound perfect.

the slower fire rate should put you off these weapons, dont let it, the slower fire rate mixed with the WAY higher accuracy means these are better than the vipers as they wont be out of ammo in 10seconds flat.

not to mention the reload on these is possibly the quickest reloading pistol in the game!

mix that with the letal torrent mod that increases multishot AND fire rate, these come so close to viper fire rate that they become better with more damage than the normal vipers and WAY better accuracy than the normal vipers.
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