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yet again another weapon that has been thrown into the clan dojo labs so a 3 day wait for it to research means its taking me longer and longer to get the new weapon vids out, tnx for that one DE :wall:

ANYWAY, this is actualy a nice weapon, the reload animation on it is cool as hell and between each shot you swing the gun around and it looks awesome too!

damage wise this thing aint so bad, people are saying its a brakk killer but the brakk is good because its a shotgun so MANY shots at once, this weapon is a one shot weapon, with multishot maybe 2 or 3 shots at once so its good but its not THAT good, yet.

am yet to try it with multishot if i\'m honest as this shoots one bullet at a time and multishot was a chance thing so would only fire one about 80% of the time.

we tested it SO long ago that they changed it and i didnt know lol.

it dont cost that much, its mastery aint so high, i think its a 4 off hand, forget tbh, but either way, mastery 4 for a good weapon is not bad atall!
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