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The Corvas flak cannon is a heavy weapon designed for exclusive use with the Archwing flight system, introduced in Update 15. It operates in a similar fashion to the Drakgoon due to the ability to charge shots for tighter spread or fire rapidly with very wide spread.

Components for the Corvas are dropped on Archwing Interception missions every 4 waves.

So if your looking for this, earth interception as its way easier than uranus because when you start archwing stuff you dont have access to the mods till you find them so you can farm mods and this weapon while your leveling stuff too. 3 for 1!

it is worth building this, with the multishot mod its damage is just down right nuts, mean it does around 400 damage where as the standard weapon does around 40 damage!

This does however have a very short range so be carefull because they can shoot you from further way than this thing is effective making it strong but very limited.

Should be good for sabatage missions where your close quaters most the time over using in interception missions where things can be seen from far away but you just cant hit them.

does come with a - polarity too.
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