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Ok, guess by now people have noticed that my blogs are abit .. absent atm, this is down to lack of time more than anything else.

Also, Merry Christmas!

Hope your having a good holiday!

There are plans in place for afew changes that will hopefully come into effect in the next week or so that will see the return of the blogs, will try to write up alot of the ones i\'ve missed but it\'s been a good month for the lets build stuff and covering it all might be abit harder to do than expected but i will try to cover as many of them as i can!

There are also alot of other changes expected, like finishing the art work for the channel and changing the outro to what i originaly wanted when i started making changes.

The big one for me will be the outro, recording it is easy, its editing it and getting it to work well with existing stuff. Honestly i started the outro and kind of just went \"that\'ll do\" but for the past 2 months i\'ve been trying to clean it up and change it over but nothing works so hoping to get something sorted early in the new year.

I wont get into the channel stuff too much, back in june me and a friend did some math and the exepcted end of year figures where WAY off, not in a good way either as would of been higher if august, september, october and november figures had not of been so bad they dropped 80% from julys monthly figures to what i got in november.

I could go on and on and on an.. you get it right?

Will leave this off here for now, love to do a \"yearly round up\" video but probly not happen as not enough time.

So thanks to everyone who has watched a vid, subscribed .. anything tbh, am still very grateful to you all!
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