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As i write this, 7 away from hitting 10k subscribers, this happened alittle quicker than expected as thought i had acouple more days and worked it out as being hit monday and putting vid out on tuesday, nope. going to his 10k today (sunday the 21st feb 2015)

Thank you all for the support, cant say how happy i am to hit 10k finaly.

The kind folks at DE have given me some codes to giveaway so will be having one huge giveaway for 5 platinum codes AND i have been collecting and saving prime frame parts for awhile with the intention of doing a primed frame giveaway.

Yup, one set full set of parts for every prime frame there is at the moment (upto nova prime) but have yet to decide if i want to give them all to one person or try and give them out to 10 different people, am currently trying to get the last few parts i need for nova before i can even do a giveaway video though.

So i am working on getting them ASAP to get this giveaway video up as soon as i possibly can but time has backfired on me giving me acouple days less than i hoped for.

So thanks again to everyone for the subs and even the followers on G+ and twitter.

Here\'s to more growth and really do want to make more time to get into the blogs too but time will tell on that one.
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