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ok so i will admit it, i have not been keeping ontop of this since i stopped numbering the lets builds.

Honestly that was mainly down to people telling me i am a sell out for buying stuff in warframe instead of building it, learly they dont watch the videos because if they noticed, like with update 17 that dropped recently, i built everything and blew platinum on kubrow breeding but the number of platinum i had NEVER moved for all the weapons!!

Equinox i goofed on and had to build twice which slowed her recording down and people told me off for having one and building one.

I dont buy the weapons, i might get them done before the BP is finished researching in the dojo but there are higher forces at work here than me buying stuff with platinum!!

FFS i've just had to sell my M1730 gaming laptop to replace a broken window, i dont have the money to buy platinum!!

Which leads me onto something else, my youtube channel is more of a hobby than anything else, the money i do make covers the cost of internet and the platinum i do use for cosmetic stuff because you cant build this and also the odd giveaway.

Recently on twitter i've been complaining and even more so in clan chat within the game due to seriously low income compared to outgoings and this is getting worse not better, warframe and the channel are nothing to do with this but my computer is on its last legs and its not a case of IF it dies but WHEN it dies.

When it dies, the possabilitys of being able to continue as i have been are .. well, none existant.  Its not possable to do anything PC based without a PC.

This is what could lead to the death of my channel and only this, i did try patreon but honestly, it went nowhere mainly down to me not wanting to publicise it because even though the help would be awesome right now, it still seems like begging to me so even though it is out there i have posted nothing but this about it anywhere.

This could get abit long so let me leave you off with this.

Thank you so much for the almost 17k subscribers, the community is way better than i expected and get to talk to alot of you out there and makes me smile.

Will try to keep going but if i do disappear, know its killing me not being able to do this.

Or i actually died.
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