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Ok so its been while since ive done one of these because ive been busy with some other stuff and honestly straight up forgot but seeing as its now 2016 and i aint updated anything since august its time i make a note of some things.

So yes, when the youtube channel hit 20k subs i did give it a rather big facelift.

The intro is now all my own creation but is still a work in progress and props for the fine art of the logo still has to goto FaTe because he did help create the logo after i failed miserably at its original creation.

The outro is an ever ending project of latest frame footage and me wanting to refine the placement of the previous video placement aswell as the updated logo and such so nothing major.

most of my minecraft videos have been removed, wont go into that but basically was having issues with channel being classed in wrong category plus i straight up got sick of playing that game and having constant world corruption making me start over every few days.

DID indeed finally update my microphone in november, the headset ive used for 2 years was on its death bed and got a great deal on a proper mic for 30% off so took it and the voice quality is way better. This was a change i meant to do along time ago but never had the cash to do it. Mic still needs a stand and the anti shock mount but thats $200+ i refuse to pay as i dont have it anyway.

Did redo almost all channel art and even redid the logo alittle to reflect the loss of minecraft from the channel too aswell as changing the font of the wording here and there just because i got sick of seeing the same artwork everywhere.

Will be working on the new artwork soon too though aswell as evolving the logo alot more.

apart from that there is not much else to report in on at the moment, all is going as well as it can, few minor issues here and there but nothing i want to burden people about.

Thanks again for all the subs and support and looking forward to the 30k subscribers, ive already started planning way in advance for things like this so i dont miss anything again and even have 90% of april fools video done too which probably wont work out as planned but going to do it as planned anyway.
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