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HUGE thanks for all the subs, was looking back over some stuff and to realised, road to 10k was so long and in past 5 months have gotten 10k subs but took almost a year to get the missing 10k inbetween that, weird.

so i had all these plans and such to go with the 30k but i was not paying attention and did a giveaway that cleaned me out of anything people would want about 3 days before hitting 30k subs and am right now at 31,239 not even a week after hitting 30k!!!

So am trying to work on afew new ideas after giving away the hunhows, banshees deluxe skins and it worked out at closer to 5000 plat instead of the 4300 i should of after getting the 75% off plat because i always said first time i got that i would give it away and i did that last month!

was actually out of the house when people on twitter started saying congrats on the 30k subscribers and i was telling people i was not there yet but thanks anyway till someone sent me a screenshot of the 30k rollover and took me way WAY off guard!

So all i can say is massive thank you for the 30k and im already working on the 40k special since i missed 30k!
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