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so after an upgrade on founder pack i was able to get more slots for more weapons and warframes meaning we can finaly build the backlog of weapons i have.

in all honesty this is a weak prime weapon, it has no polarity slot and the \"HATE\" does more damage than this with the same swing rate.

even though the hate ignores armour you would of thought they would of added in a polarity slot or maybe thrown in a quicker fire rate, but they didnt.

it looks really nice but its actually a poor weapon, the gram is same damage but swings faster and dont take you along LONG time of void mission farming to get.

it was abit of a let down getting this and compleating what was the release picture of frost prime using this though.

will cover the hate and the reaper weapons in a special episode (number 40) but till then i\'m happy to use this, even though it is a big let down over what it could of been.
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