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FINALLY, after a long week of xini running for T3 exterminate keys we got the dakra blade and can build it!

This drops on exterminate void missions, T1, T2 and T3.
T1 for the main BP or the handle.
T2 for the handle and 1% chance at blade.
T3 for handle and 11% chance at blade.
T stands for Tower btw.

have so many forma blueprints from farming the void, i am so happy to be don.. ember prime is coming next? .. not more prime, pls no, they announced her in the livestream this week so thats MORE stuff crammed into the void making farming weapons even longer :wall:

ANYWHO, the dakra prime, second most dangerous weapon with 55damage on normal swing with a fire rate of 1.3

Meaning that the orthos prime is the only thing faster, or so there all saying, give me my reaper prime or hate any day over the othos though.

but wait, its not an over whelming sword visualy, its nie and really suttle the way it sits on your back, the galatine is WAY to big, the gram has lights down the site, the hate and the reaper prime have funy animations and are huge .. even the orthos and its prime are big.

this just sits nicely without screaming \"high damage melee weapon\" and with the 55 damage on normal swing (before mods) with the 1.3 fire rate, its replacing my gram as my main melee weapon for sure!

only compromise, you have to decide if you need the charge damage or not, would be nice to have higher charge damage as it only has 80 charge damage but if your using a melee weapon you charge only, galatine is better.

am glad to see they got this one right, the reaper prime and orthos prime both had to be revisited as the reaper prime did poor damage and the orthos prime was just a reskinned orthos so nothing special about it atall.

this time they got it compleatly right and am loving this weapon, its become my main melee, for now anyway :p
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